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Whats in a logo?

Logo’s are interesting things, some make sense, some just don’t. I am going to make sense of my logo for you, because to most it doesn’t make much sense.

1. The humming bird. My husband calls me his humming bird, because I am constantly busy flying around the house doing something. Humming birds show strength in being territorial.

2. The sunflower. They have been my favorite flower for years. To me, they represent happiness with their bright yellow pedals, just like the sun looking down on you.

3. Yin and Yang. When practicing karate and kettlebells, we use the contraction and expansion principle. To go from a cover position, to a strike. To start from a loaded position to a clean to a press position.

4. Hardstyle Body. That is what I practice. That is what I teach. How to have a hardstyle body. That does not mean a woman should look like a man. It gives a woman the right to look lean, strong and feel sexy about herself. It represents strength, speed and power. It is a way to live your life in regard to every thing you do, strength inside and out.

Hopefully, this is understandable. My logo, is how I choose to live, clean, strong and constantly working on a Hardstyle Body

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