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Reneta Music in her own words...


I started training in the martial arts in 1992, when my brother said, “you can’t do it!” Of course I had to show him I could. It took me 2 1/2 years and I earned my black belt. Sadly, I stopped training in karate from 1995 to 2009 when I was helping my son at the Mansfield YMCA karate class and the instructor asked me if I had any karate experience. That was the beginning of my second karate career. I was lucky enough to have Gary Music come to the Mansfield YMCA, he was a local karate legend, and train with me. I took over the karate program in the fall of 2010 and have been the chief instructor since. Under Sensei Music I have earned a 4th degree black belt in Japanese karate and a 3rd degree black belt in a method called Shurite Kempo. I currently teach a class of approximately 25-30 students ages 7-adult.

My strength training began November 1st of 2010, when I was asked to be the on staff person of the kettlebell class at the Mansfield YMCA. I picked up an 18lb kettlebell and haven’t put them down since.

Here’s the story……Spring of 2011, I received my HKC, (Hardstyle kettlebell certification). The fall of 2011, I went on to train for my level I RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) and earned it. I trained very hard for my level II certification and in the spring of 2012, I received my RKC II. There were some changes in the organization and the leaders of the RKC, parted ways and I chose to study strength under Pavel Tsatsouline and become part of StrongFirst. Spring of 2013, I went to the SFB and became certified as a bodyweight instructor. Fall of 2013, I went to an SFL and became certified in barbell’s

I continue to teach at the Mansfield YMCA. I am now the chief karate and kettlebell instructor, teaching private lessons in kettlebells, bodyweight, barbell and karate. I also continue my education in training under the guidance of the StrongFirst leadership and my Sensei Gary Music, who happens to be my husband!



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