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What is Hard Style Body?

Welcome to Hard Style Body! This is more than a web site to learn about strength, it is a site to learn about you! You will begin to learn more about your own strengths and how they benefit you by learning what I have to offer for you. I am a level II hard style certified kettlebell instructor through StrongFirst. I am also barbell and body weight certified through StrongFirst. I am the only person in Ohio to hold these titles. I am a 4th dan Black Belt in Japanese Karate-Do and a 3rd degree Black Belt in Shurite Kempo, Okinawan Life Protection. So how do I differ from other web pages on fitness? I have this to offer you; honest raw truth. I will post about daily food intake, physical training, karate practice and its importance. I will also discuss with you the need for the soft side of life. So, welcome to my page, begin your journey here, and enjoy! Feed your body, not your desire.


Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training is radically different from any other form of training. It is an example of what the Japanese call "Kaizen". Kaizen is continuous and never-ending improvement. Part of it is the base exercise, the kettlebell SWING. It’s a two-for-one exercise. It combines the benefits of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning in one very powerful exercise. There isn’t an exercise that (Click here to learn more)


Where? HERE!​​​​


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